At the Forest Hills Cat Hospital we have a state of the art surgical suite. Our surgical suite is used for one purpose only and that is sterile surgery. Only gas anesthesia (the safest method of anesthesia) is used in our suite. Every patient is attached to a monitoring system to ensure the safety of your cat. Our monitoring equipment is attended to by one of our four NYS licensed veterinary technicians.
All of our veterinarians, Dr Luger, Dr Tuzio and Dr Nebel perform all the standard and routine surgeries. For the more complex or rarely performed surgeries we have a wonderful surgeon on call, Dr. Kathy Sevalla. She is a warm and compassionate person who has a special interest and aptitude in surgery. She has in the past years been on the surgical staff at the veterinary school on Prince Edward Island in Canada.

All of the cats that are operated on in our surgical suite receive pre and post operative pain medications. This helps to ensure a more comfortable and more rapid recovery. Most of our younger feline surgical patients also receive non steroidal anti-inflammatory injections, again to hasten recovery and to lessen their post-op discomfort.

If you are considering a non routine, special surgical procedure for your cat and have special concerns regarding methodology, complications etc, we can help you to arrange (on our premises) a special surgical consultation with Dr. Sevalla to help answer your questions. Before or after your consultation we can also give you a tour of our surgical suite.